Wills & Estates

Many people are under the impression that having a will or the need for other estate planning is only for the elderly or for wealthy individuals. However, making important decisions for the future is not something that should be put off until later. Doing so could lead to confusion and frustration among one’s heirs or legatees down the road.

Having an appropriate estate plan in advance can give a sense of confidence that one’s assets will be distributed according to his or her wishes, as well as the peace of mind that financial and medical issues will be handled according to his or her desires. It also reduces the burden of legal conflicts or decision-making for family members who are already grieving. 


Our firm can help establish an appropriate estate plan for individuals, as well as guide heirs and legatees through the successions of their loved ones.


Our firm offers legal help in - 

  • Drafting of Wills

  • Establishing Trusts

  • Creating Living Wills

  • Opening and Administrating Successions, including Guardianship

  • Assisting with Powers of Attorney

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